Secure Web Services

Affordable secure and private services for Australia and the world.


Open Source



Private Email

GreenAnt offers advanced and secure email services. Our email has unique features designed to protect the privacy of accounts: Built in GPG/PGP encryption Hosted exclusively »

Secure Doc Storage and Sharing

Store, backup, and share you files with our private cloud service hosted on servers in Melbourne Australia. GreenAnt cloud sharing services are based on Nextcloud which »

Encrypted Storage

For more security and privacy, GreenAnt also offers encrypted cloud storage on our Australian servers. Our customers use the encrypted storage for health, research, financial, and »

Website Hosting

GreenAnt is proud to host affordable sites for artists and small businesses around the world. Our customer chose to use our hosting because we can offer »


Sandstorm is a fantastic way to create web-based documents and share them with your workgroup or friends. It supports a growing variety of open-source applications that »


GreenAnt Networks provides networking and internet aggregation services for businesses, studios, and research facilities. We specialise in high-speed fibre-optic and fixed wireless networks and can leverage »