For Small to Medium Business

Nearly all organisations collect data in some form whether it be customer payments, email addresses, or product/service information. Securing that data is becoming increasingly critical. GreenAnt works with companies to identify data security gaps and offers solutions to fit within their budget.

GreenAnt provides cloud and file storage, email, networking services for small to medium businesses. We can also provide advice on ways to make changes to data collection and storage which are very inexpensive or free in the long term.

Case Study: Secure document sharing for an international team

Problem: A medium size enterprise organisation with 100+ employees spread across four continents needed a way to collaboratively work on and share secure documents and files. Services like Google Docs were not secure enough to satisfy their needs, but the team wanted the flexibility of real-time online editing and cloud storage.

Solution: GreenAnt determined a custom instance of NextCloud with real-time collaborative editing software was the best solution. The custom instance allowed the company to add their branding and host the site on their own domain. They manage users and storage allocation internally. Integrating with the collabra software allows multiple users to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in their browsers. Desktop and mobile applications ensures all of the teams have the most recent version of files. Administrators within the company can set permission levels and add public links for some documents available for public view.