For Research

We provide both advisement and software services to university and private research organisations. Our research and statistical projects are overseen by managers with a PhD in a science or matematics.

Our research services include:

  • Data security and privacy consultation
  • Software design for data collection and management
  • Hardware design for experimental interfaces, big data and machine learning
  • Statistical analysis and validation services
  • Scoping and reports for ethics and review boards
  • Software development and augmentation for research projects
  • Zero-knowledge backup and ransomware protection for the research sector

Case Study: Data Collection Security Assessment

Problem: A private mental health research organisation needed an assessment of their digital data collection and storage services to ensure legal compliance and evaluate cost between software service providers.

Solution: GreenAnt Networks examined the organisation’s current operating protocols and spoke with the team about future goals. We performed a market analysis comparing digital service providers on price and level of service. The final report to the board of directors contained a detailed set of recommendations for the collection and storage of sensitive data along with a matrix of suitable service providers by cost and service level.

Case Study: Medical Data Analysis

Problem: An Australian hospital network was running a medical study and needed short term additional statistical analysis done in a timely manner which could not be accessed within their organisation

Solution: GreenAnt Networks performed the statistical validation on the raw data and provided a report summarising the final figures, comments about the analysis, and issues the research team should consider in their final paper.