For Non-Profits

We offer both IT services and data security consulting services for non-profit organsations. Our IT services are appropriate for organisations who require more security and privacy than most services can provide. They include:

  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Email services
  • Cloud storage and editing
  • Infrastucture services and advice
  • Communications tools

The level of sensitivity of the data dictates the type of IT configuration we recommend. We often provide advice on how to securely store and manage sensitive data within an IT infrastructure system. This can include IT infrastructure as well as data handling policies and protocols.

Case Study: Website Hosting and Data Integration

Problem: A Melbourne land management non-profit was looking to host a website which would secure member data, allow for donation processing, and integrate river water level alerts.

Solution: GreenAnt built a secure website combining WordPress and CiviCRM. The organisation maintains the site content and GreenAnt maintains the security infrastructure of the site. WordPress is a user-friendly application, but requires frequent updates and monitoring to improve security.

GreenAnt also integrated publically available real-time data from the Bureau of Meterology (BOM) which is graphically displayed on the website. The BOM data and website graphs update every 15 minutes and provide easily accessible information about the current flood risk.