For Health Service Providers

We work across the health system to provide secure and expert data science services which range from short term security consultations to multi-year custom platform development. In addition, we offer expert statistical analysis and advisement. Data analysis projects are overseen by managers with a PhD in science or mathematics.

Software Development and Augmentation:

  • Custom software for data collection and management
  • Patient and clinician friendly software design
  • Architecture design to maximise data security
  • Secure hosting of applications and sensitive data

Data Science:

  • Consulting services for the security of data collection, storage, and handling
  • Data science and statistical analysis for health research and reporting
  • Scoping and reports for ethics and review boards for health and medical research trials

Case Study: Health service platform

Problem: A large Australian university needed a platform for young persons research which responded dynamically to realtime clinical information.

Solution: GreenAnt Networks designed and developed a comprehensive platform which allows research teams to build a set of branching pathways that guide participants, their guardians, and clinicians through dynamic pathways based on the participants clinical scores. The platform combines participant demographics with clinical scores which allows the research teams to tailor each research pathway based on variables such as age, gender, and initial clinical scores. Participants can also be randomised into different arms to compare interventions.

The platform is modular which means content can be reused throughout the platform’s studies and updates can be made in one place. Research teams can build their own content integrating images, video, and games through the module builder.

Real-time study data is presented within the platform for quick reference, but is also fully exportable for comprehensive data analysis. Parameters set within each study allow for alerts and notifications to be sent to participants, carers, clinicians, and researchers based on a participant’s scores or actions within the platform.