About Us

GreenAnt Networks are a team of Australian data services and IT consultants with lived experience working as academics, healthcare providers, and non-profit managers. We have a core team located in our Melbourne office with additional teams in Queensland, India, and the United States. Nearly every organisation collects data in some way. We make sure that data is collected and stored safely and can be used effectively whether in research, service provision, or product delivery.

Environmental and Social Sustainability

In 2022, we installed a large solar array on our Melbourne office which supplies electricity to our office operations and more than offsets the electricity our servers consume in each data centre. GreenAnt also participates in a carbon sequestration and biodiversity initiative, with 39 hectares of native mixed eucalypt revegetation. CSIRO estimates of carbon sequestration on this site are a minimum of 1.2 tCO2-e/ha/y. These two initiatives result in GreenAnt Networks being a carbon negative enterprise.

To promote a healthy workplace culture and fairness within our teams, we contract directly with our staff members both in Australia and internationally rather than using outside agencies. This decreases our team turnover and improves our internal security.


If you have an advanced degree or are currently purusing one in data science, a hard science or mathematics and are interested in working with our team, send an email via our contact form.