FHIR Adoption within the Australian Health Sector

May 5, 2023

GreenAnt was invited by The Australian Digital Health Agency and HL7 Australia to participate in the FHIR adoption course program held in partnership with the University of Melbourne. GreenAnt’s CTO, Dr Frank Giorlando attended the two day event on 4/5 May in Melbourne. The goal of the program is to facilitate the adoption and integration of the FHIR standard throughout the Australian health technology sector. GreenAnt is committed to supporting the adoption of standards like FHIR and interoperability within the health sector.

Helpful FHIR resources:

CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre: FHIR: https://aehrc.csiro.au/category/fhir/

Australian Digital Health Agency FHIR Implementation Guide 1.0.0: https://fhir.digitalhealth.gov.au/dh/1.0.0/Organization-adha.html