Website Hosting

GreenAnt is proud to host affordable sites for artists and small businesses around the world. Our customer chose to use our hosting because we can offer a more responsive and personalised service than other hosting providers. If there is a website feature or CMS system you want, we can do our best to add it for you. We also try to keep our services as affordable as possible.

All of your web content is hosted on our servers in Australia. We believe strongly that your content is yours so if you decide to leave, you can take it all with you and we will refund any remaining balance you've paid.

Sites can be managed with WordPress, Drupal, and Ghost.

Domains can be transferred or purchased through our webstore.

If you are looking to migrate an existing website, send us an email and we can help you figure out the options for transferring a site.

If you want to import your email from another service like Yahoo or Gmail, we can help with that. Send us an email and tell us how you'd like to set up your email accounts.

Hosting starts at $8.00 AUD/Month

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